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Recognized both in Portugal and internationally

Founded in 1979 by Germano da Silva Pereira and wife Elisa Ferreira Pacheco in order to import and distribute on the Portuguese market hardened steel nails and upholstery nails.

Quickly occupying a leading positions in the Portuguese market the company diversifies during the 1980´s the product  program to other fastening products such as pneumatic stapling tools, nails and staples for the upholstery and furniture industry.

Also in the late eighties LISMÂNIA began to import paper clips and pushpins in bulk which were packed in private label and placed in department stores and stationery distribution companies.

The need to respond to an increasingly demanding market led to the creation in 1994 of an industrial department.

The first step was the acquisition of company WILHELM HAGEN Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, a German manufacturer of hardened and tempered steel nail and its relocation to the newly created facilities in Alto da Cruz Industrial Zone in Santo Tirso, thus becoming the first Portuguese producer of fasteners in hardened steel.

The internationalization of the company began immediately since the quality of the products manufactured quickly won markets in Europe and in Central America, Latin America and also in the Middle East.

With an installed capacity of 400 ton / year LISMÂNIA is now a major European steel nail manufacturer.

Through an investment policy and steady growth we seek to respond ever better to market demands