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ISO EN 9001 certified Quality Management System (SGQ)

hardened steel nails

blue tempered nails

blue tempered CSH nails

hardened steel pins

masonry nails

hardened ribbed shank nails

hardened concrete nails

commun wire nails

DIN 1151 wire nails

DIN 1152 lost head pins

ring shank wire nails

steel hooks

square shank steel hooks

hardened BiCromated hooks

commun round steel hooks

We produce and market fastening solutions for professionals.

In our factory aprox. 400 tons of high quality raw materials are transformed into tempered and hardened steel nails, masonry nails, steel hooks and commun wire nails. Our packing ranges from poly-bags of 100 UN up to boxes of 5 Kg. according to customer specification or market requirements.